Our Commitments

Puppy Yoga Club is dedicated to providing a safe and suitable environment for practicing Puppy Yoga, prioritizing the well-being of both the puppies and the participants.

Our team consists of qualified and certified yoga instructors, accompanied by professional breeders. We ensure that participants adhere to hygiene guidelines and respect the puppies' rhythms and needs (play, cuddles, rest).

During each session, participants have the opportunity to spend 30 minutes with the puppies. Outside of these moments, the puppies relax and play in a designated area. For their well-being, they receive at least 45 minutes of rest and quiet between sessions.

The puppies present are at least 8 weeks old, weaned, and ready to be adopted. They are vaccinated and show no signs of any illness.

The normal feeding and water consumption schedule of the puppies is respected. The puppies eat and drink according to their usual schedules.